Red parachute, green parachute and love

Red parachute, green parachute and love


Two weeks. That’s when the ‘official’ mourning comes to a close, when all is said and done and everyone has come to visit and gone, and we contemplate upon what has just happened.
The time period makes sense, perhaps, but still, the loss does not. It has been over two weeks since that frantic flight here, mentally willing the plane to fly faster than it already was in the full knowledge that people have taken flights like this before, some of them worse.
In the past two weeks, emotions have been like a strange staccato tsunami. In quick, short, huge and painful waves that are almost musically punctuated. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Morse-esque. Now there, and now not. Hitting with the force of a thousand small waves and poking me each time.
In the past two weeks, those emotions have raged from extreme anger and that all-too-familiar blinding rage, your…

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Doughnut talks


“Why?”,”What?”,”When?”,”Which?”,”How?” are those five words you say and get thumped on your head.Well I have and so I’m going to tell a story,if you haven’t,still I’m going to tell that story 🙂
There were three kids,three rooms and three doughnuts.Those three little brats were such liars,that they would make anyone believe them.It was me and those kids who could talk and walk and do stuffs unlike the rooms and doughnuts which were just objects on display.



Those kids got their doughnuts and I sent them,each to a room and told them to savour every bit of it.After they went inside I locked all three rooms.After a while,I opened the first room and the kid came running out to me. I asked,”Hey kid,how was it?”.Kid told,”It’s the tastiest doughnut I have ever eaten in my life!It had a creamy chocolate layer on its top and melted as soon as I kept it in my mouth.Heaven like experience!I’m going out and making more of this”.Saying this the first kid sprinted out.

Opened the second door,and asked the second kid the same question.”Beautiful it was!With all the peppermint on the top and vanilla in between,I must have done good deeds in my past life to eat this doughnut!You should eat this often,I’m sure you will have a good day and a good life if you do so!”said the second one and left the place.

The third one came out,his face brightened with pure content, “I should thank you for giving me this awesome doughnut.It had this caramel layer on its top and every bite took me under its control.I can just live for this!I am definitely going to convince everyone to eat this doughnut only!!” said the third kid and dashed out.

All right.Three enitrely different reviews about a same doughnut,practically a same,lifeless doughnut which I had given them before they went to their rooms! :O

In some parallel universe we call those rooms as religions,those kids as preachers/theists and those doughnuts,GOD(s). 🙂



Hey all!

Every end semester exam comes and everytime instead of concentrating on the notes in my hand my mind wanders off thinking how to spend every small moment in the holidays.Day dreaming about going to beaches..hanging out with friends and so many stuffs I somehow managed to finish off my exams.
Okay..holidays started..and as always all these plans remained as plans only and I ended up facebooking all day just like I did in rest of the sem holidays.Typical me!
During lab exam time Nawaf had told me about FSMK summer camp.But I had not paid much attention…going to Banglore just to attend a camp seemed too much for me.But then I heard some of my friends were also going.I decided to go then.However if I would stay here there wasn’t much to do other than being online all day.
Landed in Bidadi.Was raining cats and dogs when we came..mind was fully fuzzed up thinking about how to stay in a hostel(first time experience),how to get up early,how to fight for buckets!

But as days passed by all these weren’t much of an issue because things moved smoothly only because of friends and volunteers 🙂
Fast forward..Classes!

Unlike the ones I used to attend in college where I actually check my watch every now and then to see whether the hour is up,FSMK classes were interesting and I could sit for hours listening to every stuff with rapt attention!Morning classes,afternoon labs and sometimes alternate classes and labs..those 10 minute tea breaks,new faces,”hey,hi””which college are you from?””which year?””branch?” ,last page sketches..gosh!I’m really missing all these things while I’m typing this! :’)
There was some serious learning also.I wondered the first day when I got the time table.”9 days and things to learn which can cover upto 4th are these guys possibly going to do that?”
Volunteers.Yes the answer was volunteers.These people could actually do magic!Running around the labs..answering to even the silliest doubts we asked them(smiling),they were there for us whenever we needed them.Not only in the hands on session,they had to work round the clock looking after our needs,food and trying to make our stay there as comfortable as possible.Anupama,Indra,Karthik and Karthik,Yeshwant,Shashank,Rahul and Rahul,Vignesh,Ekta,Vamsi,Santosh,Shijil,Karan,Raghuram,Raghavendra and all the volunteers whom I have missed here have worked to make this camp a memorable one..and of course our Octave team mentor Rohith! 😀 All these people are amazing and I mean it!Learning Java,C++,Drupal,Android,working on QT and terminal was a fantasy for me till then.

Now its my responsiblity to tell others in my college about this camp,what free software is all about,make them attend the upcoming winter camp,and I will do it!Thanks FSMK for teaching me new things,helping me make new friends,for making me a proud linux user and for everything!
Thank you 🙂
P.S: I am logged in through Ubuntu and have used Libre office to type this.So bye bye Windows,you shall just be an option on my laptop 😀

FSMK summer camp ’13